About Us

I’m Barry Vaughn and the love of my life is Georgia.  We’ve been married 22 years this coming May and I wouldn’t trade our marriage for anything else in this world.  Georgia is a wonderful spirited woman who believes in me and encourages me daily in my walk with Christ and in my everyday activities.  She’s my best friend and we have wonderful times together filled with lots of laughter.

We have a wonderful family with 5 children.  Our three little ones were adopted from Latvia in July 2006 and our lives and theirs have been changed forever for generations to come.  Our family has taught us what true faith is all about and how the prayers of one little girl can be answered from half way around the world.  We’ve been through situations where we didn’t have enough money, didn’t have enough room, didn’t have enough time, didn’t have enough… – you get the idea.  But God provided our every need along the way and taught us to just simply trust in Him.  Sometimes it’s scary but it’s also the best place that you’d ever want to be.

In my work life I’m a Technical Consultant for Hewlett Packard and work with our customers to help them implement large scale software systems to solve specific and unique business problems.  I’ve been doing this for 12 years of my 21 year career.  I’ve come to enjoy interacting with people from around the world and the satisfaction of solving those technical problems that no one else can.

The things that are important to me are my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my marriage, my family, my passion for youth ministry.  My hobbies are golf and videography/technical media stuff.  I love making movies about life, telling other people’s stories, our family stories, and promoting God’s work through media.  I’m decent at Golf but my dad can still beat the pants off me.  I guess the thing I really love about golf is the trying.  It’s undoubtedly the hardest game on the planet and you can never master it but you can always get better.  I like that.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back any time we’d be glad to see you.

God Bless!